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For some years GLIPPER has chosen to expand the company's production to enter as a protagonist in the racket manufacturing sector.


The experience gained and the constant synergy with international producers has helped us to grow constantly.

The importance of having a direct line with producers from countries such as Pakistan and China allows us to work alongside a partner in choosing the right products for their market and for their "customers".

We follow step by step the production of rackets for some brands with the responsibility of choosing the best materials.


We are also committed to the construction of new frames used in the production of rackets, designed directly by us for our partner and placed on the market as an absolute novelty by the brand in question.


Even the study and creation of the graphics is part of our baggage thanks to an internal graphic study (with professional operator)





Logo Ocean Air.jpg

OCEAN AIR - American company based in Miami with which we have an agreement for the standard treatment on 60% of their beach tennis production. The OA models are thus distributed, reaching the final customer, already with our Strong 60 treatment. For OA we have also studied and designed 2 frames for the production of 2 models of the range. We also worked on the study of the most competitive materials and foams (Eva) for the entire production. Our hologram logo is placed on the treated OA rackets.


PADEL 4 FUN - A reference brand for sportsmen and padel enthusiasts at 360 degrees, Padel 4 Fun is a network capable of offering support for the design, management, entertainment and promotion of sports centers. Furthermore, in every sports center and point of sale it will be possible to view the rackets to evaluate which is the most suitable service among the treatments available, repair or customization.


HEROE'S - A company based in Romagna that produces beach tennis and padel rackets. With Heroe's we have an agreement for racket treatment for customers who request it and for professional players under contract.

3D Sport.jpg

3D SPORT - Sports shop located in Rimini with which we have an agreement for the treatment of customers' racquets. Anyone purchasing a beach tennis / padel racket can request Glipper treatment or other processing. 3D Sport undertakes to manage and ship the tool to us, in accordance with the customer's needs.

LA CONQUISTA – New Venezuelan brand that has chosen Glipper as a consultant to start its own racket production but not only. All carbon and kevlar models are marketed with our treatment included. This is a signal of the increasing presence of our treatments in the South American market.


BOLD BEACH TENNIS – It’s the first brand born in Puerto Rico thanks to the passion and determination of two young entrepreneurs. BOLD BT contacted us at the end of 2021 to create its own racket market asking us for advice to define the materials and quality of their first order but above it requested that our treatment be added to all the models marketed and more. BOLD BT has integrated our brand on the graphics of every model, guaranteeing the quality of the "Glipper Treatment", so it is reported on the first BOLD BT rackets marketed in the South American country.


QUICKSAND ITALIA – The brand has fully entered among the partner companies in terms of manufacturing on standard rackets for its "branches" and for professional players. The Tuscan company sends us its models for processing, to then be directed to the branches located in Venezuela, Brazil and Russia. Thanks also to them, Glipper is increasingly present in Europe and above all in South America.


NEW VISION PROJECT - The new management of the famous VISION brand wanted us as partners for the treatment of their models which are aimed at professional players and their foreign distributors. Another brand that believed in Glipper's expertise.


SPORTLET – E-commerce site for the sale of beach tennis and padel sports equipment. In addition to accessories and beach tennis and padel rackets, you can also choose one of our treatments to match the beach or padel racket purchased. Sportlet will undertake to send us the racket for processing.


PAAR – The new brand based in Portugal has chosen Glipper as a partner for the sale of part of the production of beach tennis rackets which will be distributed in Europe and Brazil with our treatment. Players under PAAR contract will also have our treatment.

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